User Group for Laser Interference Biometry

Please note:
The following IOL constants were derived from clinical results with the ZEISS IOLMaster. Since they reflect the special hardware and processing conditions of the instrument type applied for data acquisition, they can only be used with the ZEISS IOLMaster.

Optimized IOL Constants for the ZEISS IOLMaster calculated from patient data on file (as of Oct 31, 2016):
Please note: constants are preliminary, especially if n < 50 ! (For details how to create your own tentative constants, please click here).
Please note also: the constant a0 of the Haigis formula may be positive as well as negative !
IOL nominal Haigis HofferQ Holl.1 SRK/T SRK II n Ref.
1stQ Basis Z A=118.0 a0=0.325    a1=0.255    a2=0.141 pACD=5.01 sf=1.25 A=118.1 A=118.3 672 [49],[223],[224],[84],[33],[245],[122],[246],[271],[272],[286],[350]
1stQ Basis Q A=118.0 a0=0.278    a1=0.427    a2=0.120 pACD=5.02 sf=1.25 A=118.1 A=118.3 601 [253],[272],[245]
1stQ Basis Z progressiv - discontinued A=118.0 a0=1.18    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.40 sf=1.64 A=118.8 A=119.0 59 [364]
1stQ Basis Z hydrophob (+) A=118.0 a0=1.32    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.46 sf=1.70 A=118.9 A=119.2 97 [271]
1stQ Basis K A=118.9 a0=0.95    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.15 sf=1.37 A=118.3 A=118.6 122 [345]
Aaren Scientific OPTIVIS A=118.1 a0=0.75    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.97 sf=1.20 A=118.0 A=118.2 71 [237],[291],[243]
Aaren Scientific AQUA 4 Y RM A=118.5 a0=1.36    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.54 sf=1.74 A=118.8 A=119.2 117 [263]
Aaren Scientific EC-3 A=118.2 a0=1.45    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.69 sf=1.89 A=119.1 A=119.4 35 [263]
Aaren Scientific EC-1YH PAL A=117.8 a0=1.20    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.40 sf=1.61 A=118.7 A=118.8 100 [263],[290]
Aaren Scientific EC-1R PAL A=118.3 a0=1.22    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.37 sf=1.63 A=118.7 A=119.1 55 [319]
Aaren Scientific EC-3 PAL A=117.7 a0=1.10    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.28 sf=1.46 A=118.4 A=118.4 47 [365]
Alcon AcrySof MA60BM (Japan) A=118.9 a0=1.98    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.10 sf=2.32 A=119.8 A=120.5 99 [41]
Alcon SA60AT (Japan) A=118.4 a0= -1.627    a1=0.305    a2=0.248 pACD=5.64 sf=1.83 A=118.9 A=119.2 501 [41]
Alcon SN60WF (Japan) A=118.7 a0= -1.268    a1=0.342    a2=0.233 pACD=5.79 sf=1.95 A=119.1 A=119.4 202 [41]
Alcon SN60WF IQ (India) A=118.7 a0=1.35    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.53 sf=1.76 A=118.9 A=119.3 68 [314]
Alcon AcrySof MA60BM A=118.9 a0=1.443    a1=0.077    a2=0.163 pACD=6.08 sf=2.33 A=119.8 A=120.4 271 [2],[10],[18]
Alcon AcrySof MA60AC A=118.4 a0= 0.229    a1=0.011    a2=0.205 pACD=5.67 sf=1.90 A=119.2 A=119.5 399 [18],[114],[150],[171]
Alcon AcrySof MA50BM A=118.9 a0=1.75    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.90 sf=2.12 A=119.4 A=119.7 141 [18],[46]
Alcon AcrySof MA30BA A=118.9 a0=1.81    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.91 sf=2.10 A=119.4 A=119.7 49 [5]
Alcon AcrySof MA30AC A=118.4 a0=1.34    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.46 sf=1.64 A=118.7 A=118.8 67 [39]
Alcon MA60MA (+diopters) A=118.9 a0=5.78    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=15.94 sf=10.29 A=126.6 A=118.7 91 [143],[18],[389]
Alcon MA60MA (-diopters) A=118.9 a0= -4.22    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD= -5.52 sf= -7.08 A=103.6 A=119.1 39 [143],[18],[389]
Alcon MZ30BD A=118.7 a0=1.51    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.59 sf=1.89 A=119.2 A=119.7 36 [15]
Alcon SA30AL A=118.4 a0=1.26    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.45 sf=1.66 A=118.8 A=119.0 115 [3],[18]
Alcon SA60AT A=118.4 a0= -0.111    a1=0.249    a2=0.179 pACD=5.44 sf=1.67 A=118.8 A=119.0 1867 [2],[5],[10],[16],[18],[32],[66],[67],[46],[85],[90],[101],[25],[171],[252],[269]
Alcon SN60WF A=118.7 a0= -0.769    a1=0.234    a2=0.217 pACD=5.64 sf=1.84 A=119.0 A=119.2 5363 [55],[90],[5],[112],[113],[127],[98],[101],[129],[130],[25],[156],[159],[171],[172],[225],[235],[244],[250],[260],[121],[279],[278],[318],[324],[331],[339],[344],[370]
Alcon ReSTOR SA60D3 A=118.1 a0= -0.123    a1=0.099    a2=0.189 pACD=5.23 sf=1.46 A=118.5 A=118.7 339 [57],[58],[59],[60],[61],[85]
Alcon ReSTOR SN6AD1/3 A=118.9 a0= -0.385    a1=0.197    a2=0.204 pACD=5.64 sf=1.84 A=119.0 A=119.1 885 [55],[243],[278]
Alcon Toric SN6AT(2-9) A=119.0 a0= -0.323    a1=0.213    a2=0.208 pACD=5.81 sf=1.98 A=119.2 A=119.3 584 [55],[302]
Alcon Toric SN6AT(3-5) (Japan)A=119.0 a0= 1.78    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.91 sf=2.08 A=119.3 A=119.6 77 [41]
Alcon ReSTOR SN6AD1/3 (India) A=119.1 a0=1.35    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.57 sf=1.80 A=119.0 A=119.3 66 [314]
Alcon ReSTOR SN6AD2 (India) A=119.1 a0=1.45    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.64 sf=1.89 A=119.2 A=119.5 31 [314]
Alcon ReSTOR SV25T0 (India) A=119.1 a0=1.63    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.84 sf=2.05 A=119.3 A=119.6 16 [314]
Alcon ReSTOR SV25T0 A=119.1 a0=1.66    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.82 sf=2.07 A=119.5 A=119.8 70 [147],[367]
Alcon Panoptix TFNT00 A=119.1 a0=1.39    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.63 sf=1.83 A=119.1 A=119.3 26 [395]
AMO SI30 NB A=117.4 a0=1.23    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.34 sf=1.58 A=118.5 A=118.6 34 [15]
AMO SI40 NB A=118.0 a0= -0.199    a1=0.276    a2=0.169 pACD=5.19 sf=1.42 A=118.4 A=118.6 1172 [2],[17],[18]
AMO ClariFlex A=118.0 a0=0.92    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.14 sf=1.37 A=118.3 A=118.6 142 [2],[28]
AMO ClariFlex (Japan) A=118.0 a0=1.38    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.50 sf=1.68 A=118.7 A=118.8 29 [80]
AMO Sensar AR40 A=118.4 a0=0.472    a1=0.077    a2=0.174 pACD=5.39 sf=1.62 A=118.7 A=118.9 368 [2],[18]
AMO Sensar AR40E A=118.4 a0= -2.420    a1=0.157    a2=0.288 pACD=5.41 sf=1.63 A=118.7 A=118.8 653 [18],[19],[65],[97],[121],[172]
AMO Sensar 1-piece AAB00 A=118.4 a0= -1.004    a1=0.182    a2=0.232 pACD=5.56 sf=1.78 A=119.0 A=119.3 415 [316],[18],[368],[390],[392]
AMO ReZoom NXG1 A=118.4 a0=0.92    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.20 sf=1.40 A=118.3 A=118.5 113 [63],[131]
AMO SA40 Array A=118.0 a0=0.65    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.90 sf=1.14 A=117.9 A=118.1 183 [2],[18]
AMO SI55 A=118.0 a0=1.10    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.28 sf=1.56 A=118.7 A=119.1 77 [2],[18]
AMO PS60 ANB A=116.7 a0=1.15    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.46 sf=1.65 A=118.7 A=118.9 18 [2]
AMO Verisyse 50 aph.retropup. A=116.8 (*) a0= -0.25    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.34 sf=0.54 A=116.9 A=116.8 20 [52],[64]
AMO CeeOn 911A A=118.3 a0=0.568    a1=0.224    a2=0.152 pACD=5.42 sf=1.65 A=118.7 A=119.1 647 [2],[10],[18],[20],[44]
AMO 808C A=118.0 a0=1.50    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.65 sf=1.89 A=119.1 A=119.6 130 [2]
AMO Tecnis Z9000 A=119.0 a0= -0.663    a1=0.117    a2=0.232 pACD=5.71 sf=1.93 A=119.2 A=119.5 494 [19],[27],[28],[82],[114]
AMO Tecnis Z9001 A=119.0 a0=1.50    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.71 sf=1.94 A=119.2 A=119.4 53 [98]
AMO Tecnis Z9002 A=118.7 a0= -1.201    a1=0.102    a2=0.246 pACD=5.46 sf=1.67 A=118.8 A=119.0 1275 [109],[139],[140],[19],[103],[104],[72],[98],[232],[234],[239]
AMO Tecnis ZM900 A=119.0 a0=1.60    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.89 sf=2.21 A=119.8 A=120.5 118 [71],[72],[77],[79]
AMO Tecnis ZA9003 A=119.1 a0= -1.298    a1=0.233    a2=0.240 pACD=5.61 sf=1.84 A=119.1 A=119.4 1309 [63],[84],[109],[110],[111],[133],[158],[217]
AMO Tecnis 1 ZCB00 A=118.8 a0= -1.302    a1=0.210    a2=0.251 pACD=5.80 sf=2.02 A=119.3 A=119.6 2041 [143],[144],[145],[132],[163],[164],[165],[166],[167],[168],[18],[169],[241],[242],[265],[303],[322]
AMO Tecnis ZMA00 A=119.1 a0= -1.750    a1=0.242    a2=0.266 pACD=5.80 sf=2.06 A=119.5 A=120.0 205 [78],[243]
AMO Tecnis ZMB00 (Hongkong) A=118.8 a0=1.93    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.14 sf=2.35 A=119.7 A=119.7 51 [280]
AMO Tecnis ZMB00 A=118.8 a0= -1.013    a1=0.199    a2=0.242 pACD=5.89 sf=2.12 A=119.5 A=119.8 184 [294],[71],[333],[334],[335],[336],[43]
AMO Tecnis OptiBlue (Japan) A=118.8 a0= -0.329    a1=0.332    a2=0.203 pACD=5.98 sf=2.18 A=119.5 A=119.8 247 [41]
ARGONOPTICS TRICE A=118.0 a0=1.13    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.28 sf=1.49 A=118.5 A=118.7 60 [162]
ARGONOPTICS EUROMAXX A=118.0 a0=0.87    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.09 sf=1.33 A=118.2 A=118.5 105 [43]
AUROLAB FH5600AS (India) A=118.0 a0=0.68    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.92 sf=1.12 A=117.8 A=117.9 99 [288]
Bausch&Lomb BL27 A=117.8 a0=1.16    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.31 sf=1.55 A=118.6 A=119.0 96 [30]
Bausch&Lomb Soflex2 A=118.1 a0= -1.323    a1=0.038    a2=0.249 pACD=5.20 sf=1.44 A=118.4 A=118.7 216 [14],[23]
Bausch&Lomb Akreos Adapt A=118.0 a0=0.96    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.14 sf=1.40 A=118.4 A=118.7 62 [76]
Bausch&Lomb Akreos Adapt-AO A=118.0 a0= -0.830    a1=0.305    a2=0.191 pACD=5.20 sf=1.42 A=118.4 A=118.5 253 [125],[289]
Bausch&Lomb Akreos FIT A=118.0 a0=0.78    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.02 sf=1.26 A=118.1 A=118.3 71 [24]
Bausch&Lomb LI61U Soflex A=118.0 a0= 0.272    a1=0.182    a2=0.163 pACD=5.28 sf=1.49 A=118.5 A=118.6 713 [40],[44],[100],[126]
Bausch&Lomb LI61SE Soflex2 A=118.0 a0=1.09    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.31 sf=1.52 A=118.5 A=118.8 98 [25]
Bausch&Lomb LI61AO SofPort A=118.0 a0=0.057    a1=0.186    a2=0.171 pACD=5.29 sf=1.51 A=118.5 A=118.6 464 [124],[135]
Bausch&Lomb Akreos AO MI60 A=118.4 a0=1.49    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.67 sf=1.90 A=119.1 A=119.4 102 [23],[228]
Bausch&Lomb enVista MX60 A=118.2 a0=1.46    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.68 sf=1.91 A=119.2 A=119.6 152 [9]
Bausch&Lomb S 122UV A=115.8 a0= -1.13    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=3.13 sf= -0.65 A=115.1 A=114.9 29 [299]
Bausch&Lomb L 122UV A=115.8 a0= -1.10    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=3.17 sf= -0.60 A=115.1 A=115.3 22 [299]
Bausch&Lomb INCISE MJ14 A=118.7 a0=1.35    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.51 sf=1.75 A=118.9 A=119.2 90 [354]
Biotech Vision Bioacryl 60125 discont. A=118.1 a0=1.53    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.75 sf=1.96 A=119.2 A=119.6 68 [53]
Biotech Vision Bioacryl 65 discont. A=118.0 a0=1.39    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.58 sf=1.78 A=118.9 A=119.3 180 [53]
Biotech Vision Eyecryl-SERT PLHF2 A=118.5 a0=1.03    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.25 sf=1.46 A=118.4 A=118.6 55 [369]
Biotech Vision Eyecryl Plus ASHFY600 A=118.5 a0=1.20    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.43 sf=1.63 A=118.6 A=118.9 49 [369]
Biotech Vision Eyecryl Plus 600 A=118.0 a0=0.94    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.19 sf=1.42 A=118.4 A=118.5 51 [369]
Biotech Vision Eyecryl Plus HSAS600 A=118.0 a0=1.03    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.13 sf=1.37 A=118.3 A=118.5 58 [369]
Biotech Vision Eyecryl Toric A=118.5 a0=1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.45 sf=1.66 A=118.7 A=118.9 50 [369]
Canon AQ-110NV (Japan) A=119.0 a0=0.107    a1=0.262    a2=0.189 pACD=5.92 sf=2.10 A=119.4 A=119.8 479 [26]
Canon AQ-310AI (Japan) A=119.5 a0=2.17    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.32 sf=2.52 A=120.1 A=120.7 68 [26]
Ciba memory lens CV232 A=119.0 a0=1.40    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.59 sf=1.82 A=119.0 A=119.5 61 [8]
Corneal BR110 A=118.5 a0=1.40    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.60 sf=1.83 A=119.0 A=119.4 63 [2],[18]
Corneal 600SE A=119.5 a0=2.26    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.43 sf=2.65 A=120.3 A=121.1 51 [12]
Corneal Quatrix A=119.6 a0=1.91    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.04 sf=2.28 A=119.8 A=120.4 73 [132],[147]
Croma IDEAlens (HEMA25%) A=118.68 a0=1.19    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.38 sf=1.62 A=118.7 A=118.9 49 [203]
Croma Versario Classic A=120.0 a0=1.80    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.96 sf=2.20 A=119.7 A=120.1 56 [9]
Curamed SA700 A=118.8 a0=1.31    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.52 sf=1.75 A=118.8 A=118.9 114 [25]
Curamed ASPHERICx HP60CA (+) A=118.4 a0=1.10    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.28 sf=1.51 A=118.5 A=118.8 38 [25]
Curamed PL 600 A=118.8 a0=0.209    a1=0.124    a2=0.182 pACD=5.46 sf=1.68 A=118.8 A=119.0 180 [218],[219]
Curamed ASPHERICx HD600YA A=118.4 a0=1.27    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.44 sf=1.68 A=118.8 A=118.9 53 [218]
Curamed SA60CZ A=118.8 a0=1.07    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.25 sf=1.47 A=118.5 A=118.8 151 [25]
Curamed HD60CZ-YA A=118.4 a0=1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.50 sf=1.72 A=118.9 A=119.2 127 [391]
Domilens Siflex4 discontinued A=118.4 a0=1.18    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.43 sf=1.71 A=118.9 A=119.5 83 [2],[18]
Domilens Siflex8 discontinued A=118.2 a0=1.04    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.27 sf=1.47 A=118.3 A=118.3 34 [18]
Domilens Silens6 discontinued A=118.1 a0=1.05    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.30 sf=1.54 A=118.6 A=118.8 110 [14]
Domilens Flex65L discontinued A=118.4 a0=1.45    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.68 sf=1.88 A=118.9 A=118.9 50 [2],[18]
Domilens SofTec1 A=118.0 a0=0.98    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.16 sf=1.40 A=118.4 A=118.6 61 [34]
Domilens Nex-Load Preloaded A=119.2 a0=1.73    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.87 sf=2.11 A=119.5 A=120.0 98 [222]
Domilens Domicryl M100 A=118.4 a0=1.56    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.72 sf=1.97 A=119.3 A=119.8 144 [227],[222]
Domilens Nidek NS-60YG Aktis SP y A=118.4 a0=1.61    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.81 sf=2.03 A=119.3 A=119.7 127 [264],[226],[313]
Domilens Nidek Nex-Acri N4-18YG AKTIS AA A=118.4 a0=1.34    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.51 sf=1.73 A=118.9 A=119.2 57 [257]
DISTRA F3000/3013 A=118.2 a0=0.56    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.79 sf=1.01 A=117.7 A=117.8 40 [43]
Dr.Schmidt MS612 discontinued A=118.6 a0= 0.416    a1=0.167    a2=0.172 pACD=5.54 sf=1.78 A=119.0 A=119.3 585 [6],[7],[18],[42],[70]
Dr.Schmidt MC TE discontinued A=119.0 a0= 1.949    a1=0.296    a2=0.100 pACD=5.82 sf=2.07 A=119.4 A=119.9 336 [33],[89],[122],[137]
Dr.Schmidt MC575 discontinued A=119.0 a0=1.17    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.34 sf=1.60 A=118.7 A=119.1 40 [50]
Dr.Schmidt MP2125 A=118.2 a0=1.34    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.57 sf=1.79 A=119.0 A=119.0 107 [47],[48],[49]
Dr.Schmidt MC6125AS A=118.4 a0=0.885    a1=0.312    a2=0.125 pACD=5.36 sf=1.60 A=118.7 A=119.1 204 [70],[122]
Eyecryl ACTV DIYHS600ROH (*****) A=118.0 a0=0.56    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.67 sf=0.93 A=117.6 A=117.8 57 [349]
Eyecryl ACTV +3DIHFY600 A=118.5 a0=1.24    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.42 sf=1.63 A=118.7 A=118.9 55 [349]
Eyekon SC25-Fold A=118.0 a0=0.92    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.08 sf=1.31 A=118.2 A=118.5 213 [341]
Eyeol EYE-DIFF Plus A=118.0 a0=0.93    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.15 sf=1.39 A=118.4 A=118.6 75 [243],[371]
Eyeol Hyflex A=118.8 a0=1.54    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.69 sf=1.93 A=119.2 A=119.5 49 [325]
Eyeol LW5752R A=118.0 a0=1.27    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.46 sf=1.71 A=118.9 A=119.2 61 [343]
eyeonics AT-45 crystalens A=119.24 a0= 0.773    a1=0.222    a2=0.160 pACD=5.86 sf=2.06 A=119.3 A=119.4 236 [83]
eyeonics AT-50SE crystalens A=119.0 a0= 0.318    a1=0.139    a2=0.182 pACD=5.62 sf=1.85 A=119.1 A=119.4 224 [115]
Fritz Ruck HA-4-Q A=118.1 a0=1.14    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.29 sf=1.52 A=118.6 A=118.9 88 [102]
Fritz Ruck PH60-135 A=118.2 a0=1.28    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.43 sf=1.65 A=118.7 A=119.0 47 [9]
Gen. Innov. XP-55 A=118.0 a0=0.272    a1=0.245    a2=0.154 pACD=5.25 sf=1.48 A=118.5 A=118.8 259 [2],[18]
Gen. Innov. 310 A=118.0 a0=1.01    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.23 sf=1.47 A=118.5 A=118.8 83 [18]
Hanita B-lens A=118.2 a0=1.01    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.26 sf=1.52 A=118.6 A=118.8 52 [136]
Hanita SEELENS A=118.6 a0=1.29    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.51 sf=1.73 A=118.9 A=119.2 51 [136]
Hanita SEELENS MICS A=118.6 a0=1.38    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.56 sf=1.79 A=119.0 A=119.4 35 [136]
Hanita SEELENS AF A=119.0 a0=1.25    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.42 sf=1.67 A=118.8 A=119.2 27 [136]
Hanita BunnyLens MF A=118.5 a0=1.22    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.50 sf=1.76 A=118.9 A=119.0 36 [338]
Hanita SEELENS MF A=118.6 a0=1.00    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.19 sf=1.47 A=118.6 A=118.9 34 [338]
Hexavision HQ-203HEP (+) A=118.2 a0=1.14    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.28 sf=1.52 A=118.5 A=118.8 151 [202]
HumanOptics 1CU discontinued A=118.1 a0=1.833    a1=0.225    a2=0.094 pACD=5.38 sf=1.61 A=118.7 A=119.0 268 [9],[33]
HumanOptics MC611MI discontinued A=118.3 a0=1.59    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.85 sf=2.08 A=119.4 A=119.8 66 [70]
HumanOptics Aspira-aA(Y) (+) A=118.4 a0=0.429    a1=0.236    a2=0.151 pACD=5.31 sf=1.56 A=118.6 A=119.0 295 [396],[70]
HumanOptics Diff-aA(Y) A=118.4 a0=1.28    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.50 sf=1.73 A=118.9 A=119.2 87 [155],[36
HumanOptics Torica-aA(Y) A=118.4 a0=1.18    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.35 sf=1.51 A=118.3 A=118.4 44 [397]
HumanOptics Aspira-aQA A=118.7 a0=1.35    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.53 sf=1.77 A=118.9 A=119.3 113 [398]
Hoya AF-1(UV) VA60BB (Japan) A=118.7 a0=0.458    a1=0.150    a2=0.172 pACD=5.52 sf=1.71 A=118.7 A=119.0 271 [41],[204]
Hoya AF-1(UV) VA60BBR (Japan) A=118.4 a0=1.28    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.42 sf=1.58 A=118.5 A=118.5 90 [204]
Hoya VA60BA (Japan) A=119.2 a0=1.47    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.57 sf=1.72 A=118.7 A=119.0 27 [80]
Hoya UV55SB (Japan)(**) A=117.6 a0=1.38    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.57 sf=1.68 A=118.6 A=118.5 109 [80]
Hoya iMics1 NY-60 (Japan) A=118.4 a0=1.29    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.46 sf=1.66 A=118.7 A=118.9 45 [41]
Hoya iSert Micro 251 (Japan) A=118.4 a0=0.570    a1=0.197    a2=0.163 pACD=5.54 sf=1.72 A=118.8 A=119.0 249 [41]
Hoya AF-1 VA-60BB A=118.7 a0=1.24    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.43 sf=1.65 A=118.7 A=118.9 50 [81]
Hoya AF-1 YA-60BB A=118.7 a0=1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.50 sf=1.75 A=118.9 A=119.2 106 [81],[92]
Hoya AF-1 YA-65BB(***) (+) A=118.3 a0=1.31    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.65 sf=1.74 A=118.7 A=118.2 88 [95]
Hoya AF-1 YA-60BBR
Hoya iSert PY-60R (+)
A=118.4 a0=1.06    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.24 sf=1.48 A=118.5 A=118.8 134 [81],[149]
Hoya AF-1 FY-60AD
Hoya iSert PY-60AD (+)
A=118.4 a0= -0.093    a1= -0.023    a2=0.208 pACD=5.30 sf=1.54 A=118.6 A=118.8 254 [43],[157],[81],[103],[172],[266]
Hoya iMics Y-60H A=118.0 a0=1.13    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.32 sf=1.56 A=118.6 A=118.9 113 [221],[18]
Hoya iMics1 NY-60
Hoya iSert 250/251 (+)
A=118.4 a0= -0.542    a1=0.161    a2=0.204 pACD=5.30 sf=1.52 A=118.5 A=118.8 319 [81],[172],[226],[328],[81]
i-Medical i-Flex A=118.8 a0=1.05    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.23 sf=1.46 A=118.4 A=118.6 184 [74]
i-Medical i-Soft A=118.8 a0=1.24    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.44 sf=1.64 A=118.6 A=119.0 107 [128]
i-Medical 6011C (HP60-PUV) A=118.8 a0=1.45    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.63 sf=1.85 A=119.1 A=119.4 51 [75]
i-Medical Accurate Aspheric A=118.8 a0=1.06    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.23 sf=1.46 A=118.5 A=118.6 30 [74]
i-Medical Overview AS natural A=118.8 a0=1.94    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.10 sf=2.33 A=119.8 A=120.2 49 [320]
Kowa Avansee AN6K A=118.7 a0=1.57    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.64 sf=1.85 A=119.0 A=119.3 100 [248]
Lenstec LS-106 A=118.4 a0=1.61    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.84 sf=2.07 A=119.4 A=119.8 33 [2]
Lenstec Softec HDO A=118.4 a0=0.055    a1=0.178    a2=0.173 pACD=5.27 sf=1.48 A=118.5 A=118.6 221 [352],[353]
Medicem WIOL-CF   a0=2.36    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.55 sf=2.79 A=120.6 A=121.6 179 [358],[359],[366]
Medicontur Z-Flex 690 A=118.0 a0= 0.237    a1=0.315    a2=0.138 pACD=5.05 sf=1.28 A=118.2 A=118.3 437 [281]
Medicontur Q-Flex 640 A=118.0 a0= -0.208    a1=0.516    a2=0.130 pACD=5.02 sf=1.25 A=118.1 A=118.3 264 [281]
Medicontur Bi-Flex 877 (hydrophob acryl) A=118.0 a0= 1.39    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.61 sf=1.85 A=119.1 A=119.6 52 [296]
Medicontur Bi-Flex 677 (hydrophil acryl) A=118.0 a0= 0.79    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.98 sf=1.19 A=118.0 A=118.0 103 [295],[63]
MBI PreciSAL 302A/302AC A=118.7 a0=1.32    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.51 sf=1.75 A=118.9 A=119.2 190 [304],[332]
MBI PreciSAL 300A/300AC A=118.3 a0=1.26    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.39 sf=1.61 A=118.7 A=118.9 49 [388]
MD-TECH I-Stream ISP A=118.0 a0=1.46    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.74 sf=1.97 A=119.2 A=119.6 14 [284]
MIRA HI-MY (****) A=120.0 a0=4.19    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=9.61 sf=5.65 A=122.2 A=118.9 17 [256]
Morcher 63A (LOTUS Serie) A=119.7 a0=1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.44 sf=1.68 A=118.8 A=119.2 50 [355]
Morcher TYPE 92S A=119.7 a0=1.40    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.60 sf=1.84 A=119.1 A=119.6 71 ]362]
Moss Vision Optiflex MO/F-013 A=118.0 a0=0.71    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.85 sf=1.10 A=117.9 A=118.0 50 [369]
Moss Vision Optiflex MO/F-023 A=118.5 a0=1.42    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.60 sf=1.82 A=119.0 A=119.4 49 [369]
Moss Vision Optiflex MO/F-022 A=118.5 a0=1.37    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.61 sf=1.85 A=119.1 A=119.5 49 [369]
Moss Vision Optiflex MO/FNYA-01 A=118.0 a0=0.69    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.91 sf=1.16 A=118.0 A=118.2 52 [369]
Moss Vision Optiflex MO/FNY-D003 A=118.0 a0=0.81    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.98 sf=1.19 A=117.9 A=118.1 49 [369]
Moss Vision Optiflex MOHF-D012 A=118.5 a0=0.95    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.16 sf=1.43 A=118.4 A=118.6 49 [369]
Moss Vision Optiflex MO/F-001 A=118.0 a0=1.06    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.26 sf=1.48 A=118.5 A=118.6 48 [369]
Nidek Nex-Acri A=118.8 a0=1.55    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.74 sf=1.95 A=119.2 A=119.5 72 [62],[63],[18]
Nidek Nex-Acri AA A=119.5 a0=1.56    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.73 sf=1.95 A=119.2 A=119.7 167 [18]
Oculentis L-302 discontinued A=118.5 a0= 1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.45 sf=1.70 A=118.9 A=119.2 195 [51],[87],[105],[116],[117],[118]
Oculentis LS-312-1Y discontinued A=118.0 a0= -2.017    a1=0.066    a2=0.271 pACD=5.12 sf=1.35 A=118.3 A=118.4 291 [117],[170],[118],[86],[259]
Oculentis LS-313-1Y discontinued A=118.0 a0= 1.10    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.26 sf=1.50 A=118.5 A=118.8 20 [107]
Oculentis L-402-1 discontinued A=118.0 a0= 1.58    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.75 sf=1.97 A=119.2 A=119.5 9 [106]
Oculentis Lentis Mplus LS-312MF discont A=118.0 a0= 1.03    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.27 sf=1.50 A=118.5 A=118.7 187 [136],[92],[259],[120],[261],[262]
Oculentis L-302-1 A=118.0 a0= 1.833    a1=0.138    a2=0.096 pACD=5.11 sf=1.35 A=118.3 A=118.5 530 [117],[106],[141],[118]
Oculentis L-303 A=118.0 a0= 0.962    a1= -0.074    a2=0.161 pACD=5.13 sf=1.36 A=118.3 A=118.4 250 [119],[120],[117],[170],[120],[118],[160]
Oculentis L-312 A=118.0 a0= -2.476    a1=0.046    a2=0.300 pACD=5.26 sf=1.50 A=118.5 A=118.7 1166 [174],[110],[86],[259]
Oculentis L-313 A=118.0 a0= 0.82    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.01 sf=1.26 A=118.1 A=118.4 23 [170]
Oculentis L-400 (45C) A=118.0 a0= 0.202    a1=0.075    a2=0.179 pACD=5.19 sf=1.44 A=118.4 A=118.8 209 [36],[51],[86]
Oculentis L-401 (47C) A=118.0 a0= 0.93    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.08 sf=1.33 A=118.3 A=118.5 98 [51],[86],[120]
Oculentis L-402 A=118.0 a0= -1.204    a1=0.103    a2=0.230 pACD=5.05 sf=1.30 A=118.2 A=118.5 618 [106],[120]
Oculentis L-403 A=118.0 a0= 1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.16 sf=1.41 A=118.4 A=118.7 14 [106]
Oculentis L-450 A=118.2 a0= 1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.42 sf=1.67 A=118.8 A=119.2 27 [106]
Oculentis LS-502-1 A=118.0 a0= -1.014    a1=0.153    a2=0.227 pACD=5.36 sf=1.59 A=118.7 A=119.0 230 [160],[161]
Oculentis LS-505 A=118.0 a0= 1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.17 sf=1.40 A=118.3 A=118.6 39 [170],[173]
Oculentis LU-800 RZI A=116.0 a0= -0.11    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.10 sf=0.31 A=116.6 A=116.6 47 [108]
Oculentis L-301-1 A=118.0 a0= 1.05    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.19 sf=1.39 A=118.3 A=118.5 51 [293]
Oculentis LU-313 MF30T A=118.0 a0= 0.87    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.11 sf=1.33 A=118.2 A=118.2 121 [298]
Oculentis LS-313 MF30 A=118.0 a0=0.95    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.21 sf=1.47 A=118.5 A=118.6 239 [259],[304],[311],[312],[327]
Oculentis LU-313 MF30T Japan A=118.0 a0= 1.07    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.39 sf=1.45 A=118.1 A=117.4 37 [321]
Oculentis LS-313 MF30 Japan A=118.0 a0=1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.33 sf=1.55 A=118.5 A=118.3 55 [321]
Oculentis LS-412Y A=118.0 a0=0.88    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.07 sf=1.30 A=118.2 A=118.4 44 [106],[323]
Oculentis LS-312Y A=118.0 a0=0.86    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.04 sf=1.25 A=118.1 A=118.3 86 [393]
Oculentis LS-313Y A=118.0 a0=1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.19 sf=1.43 A=118.4 A=118.5 133 [208]
Oculentis LU-313T A=118.0 a0=0.97    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.18 sf=1.37 A=118.2 A=118.2 162 [394]
OII Aqua-Sense III A=118.2 a0=0.86    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.06 sf=1.29 A=118.2 A=118.4 79 [13],[29]
OII Aqua-Sense III-130 A=118.2 a0=1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.23 sf=1.45 A=118.4 A=118.6 30 [146]
Omni GenNext A=118.2 a0=1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.18 sf=1.43 A=118.4 A=118.6 32 [349]
Omni LBHY32UVASP A=119.0 a0=1.70    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.88 sf=2.14 A=119.6 A=120.0 49 [349]
OPHTHALMOPro Hyperflex A=118.4 a0=2.11    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.23 sf=2.48 A=120.1 A=120.6 155 [202]
Ophtec Artisan 205 aph.retropup. A=116.8 (*) a0= -0.25    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.34 sf=0.54 A=116.9 A=116.8 20 AMO Verisyse 50 aph.retropup.
Ophtec PC265 A=118.0 a0=1.32    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.44 sf=1.72 A=118.9 A=119.5 63 [22]
Ophtec PC410 A=117.5 a0=0.89    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.06 sf=1.31 A=118.2 A=118.4 17 [7]
Ophtec PC420 A=117.2 a0=0.71    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.92 sf=1.14 A=117.9 A=118.1 56 [11]
Ophtec PC430 A=118.0 a0=0.86    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.08 sf=1.32 A=118.2 A=118.5 51 [11]
Ophtec REF510 A=117.5 a0=0.70    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.91 sf=1.16 A=118.0 A=118.1 127 [45]
Ophtec PC 525 ErgomaX A=118.0 a0=0.93    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.13 sf=1.32 A=118.2 A=118.3 51 [236]
Ophtec PC 530 TrimaX A=117.8 a0=1.32    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.50 sf=1.71 A=118.8 A=119.2 80 [249]
Ophtec PC 550 MonomaX A=118.0 a0=1.22    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.38 sf=1.63 A=118.7 A=119.0 103 [268],[274]
Ophtec PC 545 QuadrimaX A=118.0 a0=1.03    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.25 sf=1.47 A=118.4 A=118.6 75 [275],[285]
Ophtec PC 620 Luna - discontinued A=119.0 a0=1.71    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.91 sf=2.13 A=119.6 A=120.0 52 [247]
Ophtec Precizon Monofocal 560 A=118.0 a0=1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.26 sf=1.51 A=118.5 A=118.7 25 [348]
Physiol Slimflex/Yellowflex A=118.5 a0=1.36    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.52 sf=1.74 A=118.9 A=119.3 27 [134]
Physiol FineVision A=118.8 a0=1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.55 sf=1.82 A=119.1 A=119.4 198 [330]
Physiol PodEye A=118.9 a0=1.70    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.85 sf=2.06 A=119.4 A=119.8 71 [351]
Polytech Polylens A60 A=118.0 a0=0.85    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.05 sf=1.31 A=118.2 A=118.6 57 [35]
Polytech Polylens A61 (+) A=118.2 a0=0.86    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.06 sf=1.29 A=118.2 A=118.4 79 [13],[29]
Polytech Polylens A62 (+) A=118.2 a0=1.15    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.35 sf=1.58 A=118.6 A=118.9 141 [93],[94]
Polytech Polylens A64 (+) A=118.1 a0= -1.374    a1=0.039    a2=0.251 pACD=5.21 sf=1.44 A=118.4 A=118.6 680 [123],[94]
Polytech Polylens S80 A=117.8 a0=0.49    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.68 sf=0.90 A=117.5 A=117.6 155 [22],[25]
Polytech Polylens P265 A=118.0 a0=1.32    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.44 sf=1.72 A=118.9 A=119.5 63 [22]
Polytech Polylens H10(Y10)AS A=117.8 a0= -0.726    a1=0.182    a2=0.204 pACD=5.21 sf=1.43 A=118.4 A=118.6 1954 [277],[283],[94],[282],[287],[317],[81],[346]
Polytech Polylens H10(Y10) (+) A=118.1 a0=1.10    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.27 sf=1.51 A=118.5 A=118.7 55 [201]
Polytech Polylens H30(Y30) (+) A=118.2 a0=1.34    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.53 sf=1.75 A=118.9 A=119.1 181 [138],[81],[106]
Polytech Polylens H35(Y35) (+) A=118.2 a0=0.95    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.12 sf=1.34 A=118.2 A=118.4 41 [200]
Polytech Polylens AS64 A=118.4 a0= -1.336    a1=0.272    a2=0.220 pACD=5.26 sf=1.46 A=118.4 A=118.6 261 [220],[287]
Polytech Polylens AS62 A=118.2 a0= -1.527    a1=0.152    a2=0.237 pACD=5.04 sf=1.28 A=118.2 A=118.4 342 [94],[238],[317]
Polytech Polylens AS66/AS66-Y A=118.2 a0= 0.939    a1=0.250    a2=0.133 pACD=5.39 sf=1.60 A=118.6 A=118.9 283 [273],[282],[287]
Polytech Polylens AS61 A=118.2 a0= -2.993    a1=0.189    a2=0.294 pACD=5.00 sf=1.24 A=118.1 A=118.3 429 [315]
Polytech Polylens H11(Y11) (+) A=118.3 a0= -0.037    a1=0.032    a2=0.214 pACD=5.67 sf=1.90 A=119.1 A=119.3 253 [287],[361],[220],[317]
Polytech Aurium 404 A=118.3 a0=1.57    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.78 sf=2.01 A=119.3 A=119.5 50 [373]
Polytech Alsiol (VF) A=118.0 a0=1.08    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.31 sf=1.55 A=118.6 A=118.8 72 [94]
ProOptik PSA 105S A=118.7 a0=1.52    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.66 sf=1.91 A=119.1 A=119.5 119 [202]
Rayner 755 U A=118.0 a0=1.60    a1=0.21    a2=0.11 pACD=5.42 sf=1.67 A=118.8 A=119.0 98 [1]
Rayner Centerflex 570 H A=118.0 a0=1.04    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.22 sf=1.45 A=118.4 A=118.7 118 [38],[52]
Rayner C-Flex 570 C A=118.0 a0=1.27    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.46 sf=1.68 A=118.8 A=119.1 149 [52],[73],[38]
Rayner Superflex 620 H A=118.0 a0=1.20    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.39 sf=1.64 A=118.8 A=119.0 144 [81],[88]
Rayner Superflex Asph 920 H A=118.0 a0=1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.21 sf=1.41 A=118.3 A=118.5 169 [258],[300],[92],[363]
Rayner C-flex Asph 970 C A=118.0 a0=1.19    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.38 sf=1.63 A=118.8 A=119.2 72 [258],[300],]92]
Rayner Mflex 630F A=118.6 a0=1.30    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.49 sf=1.72 A=118.9 A=119.1 96 [92],[300],[301]
Santen X-70 (Japan) A=118.9 a0=1.86    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.05 sf=2.24 A=119.6 A=119.9 78 [251]
Santen W-60 (Japan) A=119.1 a0=0.653    a1=0.229    a2=0.173 pACD=5.95 sf=2.13 A=119.4 A=119.8 321 [340],[41]
SIFI Mini 4 Ready A=118.6 a0=1.60    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.63 sf=1.83 A=119.0 A=119.4 21 [150]
SIFI Mini Well A=118.6 a0=1.33    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.52 sf=1.73 A=118.8 A=119.1 49 [360]
Soleko FIL611 A=118.5 a0=0.051    a1=0.140    a2=0.197 pACD=5.68 sf=1.90 A=119.1 A=119.2 259 [360]
Staar AQ 2010 A=118.5 a0=1.56    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.77 sf=2.02 A=119.3 A=119.7 49 [4]
Staar AQ 2003V A=118.5 a0=1.53    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.73 sf=1.96 A=119.2 A=119.6 65 [54]
Staar KS-3 A=119.0 a0=1.51    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.67 sf=1.91 A=119.1 A=119.8 63 [56]
Staar KS-SP (Japan) A=119.1 a0=0.943    a1=0.243    a2=0.161 pACD=6.00 sf=2.18 A=119.5 A=119.8 207 [41]
Technoko TA625 A=118.0 a0=1.17    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.32 sf=1.59 A=118.7 A=119.1 40 [54]
Technomed EASYCARE600 A=118.0 a0=0.929    a1=0.166    a2=0.132 pACD=5.14 sf=1.36 A=118.3 A=118.5 242 [68],[69],[78],[92]
Tekia Tek-Lens Mod.411S A=117.8 a0=0.49    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.68 sf=0.90 A=117.5 A=117.6 155 [22],[25]
Tekia Tek-Lens Mod.614 A=118.0 a0=0.85    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.05 sf=1.31 A=118.2 A=118.6 57 [35]
Visional RBAG A=120.2 a0=1.88    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.04 sf=2.28 A=119.7 A=120.5 64 [31]
Visiontech Medical Optics Liteflex A=118.2 a0=1.17    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.30 sf=1.55 A=118.6 A=118.9 63 [270]
Visiontech Medical Optics Liteflex A A=118.2 a0=1.21    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.36 sf=1.57 A=118.6 A=118.7 48 [276]
VSY Acriva UD Reviol MFM 611 A=118.0 a0=0.67    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.96 sf=1.27 A=118.3 A=118.5 49 [255]
VSY Acriva UD 613 A=118.0 a0=0.95    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.19 sf=1.43 A=118.4 A=118.6 49 [254]
VSY Acriva UD Reviol MF 613 A=118.0 a0=0.65    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.93 sf=1.20 A=118.1 A=118.3 48 [255]
VSY Acriva UD Reviol MFB 625 A=118.0 a0=0.70    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.85 sf=1.09 A=117.9 A=118.0 49 [292]
WEFISinnovid WEFINO 100 A=118.7 a0= 1.39    a1=0.40;    a2=0.10 pACD=5.56 sf=1.81 A=119.0 A=119.4 50 [84],[144]
W2O CareFlex II A=118.7 a0= 1.32    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.52 sf=1.75 A=118.9 A=119.2 146 [91],[142]
Xcelens IDEA (HEMA26%) A=119.0 a0=1.78    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.96 sf=2.19 A=119.6 A=120.1 55 [9]
Zarracom Focusforce Aspheric AS60125 A=118.4 a0=1.33    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.54 sf=1.74 A=118.9 A=119.1 49 [347]
Zarracom Focusforce Basic F260 A=118.4 a0=1.55    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.68 sf=1.93 A=119.2 A=119.9 49 [347]
Zarracom Focusforce Ultraflex UF60125 A=118.4 a0=1.58    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.75 sf=1.99 A=119.3 A=119.7 48 [347]
ZEISS Stabibag A=118.0 a0=1.28    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.47 sf=1.73 A=118.9 A=119.2 132 [13],[21]
ZEISS CT SPHERIS 203(P) (XL Stabi, XL Stabi Sky) A=118.0 a0=1.05    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.23 sf=1.47 A=118.5 A=118.8 98 [37]
ZEISS CT ASPHINA 603P (XL Stabi ZO) A=118.2 a0= -0.463    a1= 0.078    a2=0.218 pACD=5.47 sf=1.71 A=118.9 A=119.1 442 [148],[151],[152],[153],[154],[155],[205],[305],[306],[307],[308],[309],[310]
ZEISS Haptibag A=118.2 a0=0.84    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.05 sf=1.24 A=118.1 A=118.2 33 [53]
ZEISS Hydromax A=118.5 a0=1.55    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.75 sf=1.98 A=119.3 A=119.6 62 [96],[99]
ZEISS XL Octo Sky A=117.9 a0=0.99    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.13 sf=1.40 A=118.4 A=118.8 115 [99],[147]
ZEISS CT ASPHINA 604P (Invent ZO) A=118.1 a0=1.40    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.62 sf=1.78 A=118.9 A=119.1 21 [132]
ZEISS TS43 - discontinued A=118.5 a0=1.13    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.19 sf=1.43 A=118.4 A=118.7 13 [6]
ZEISS Acri.Lens 11C A=118.0 a0=1.21    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.46 sf=1.72 A=118.9 A=118.9 22 [16]
ZEISS Acri.Lens 12C A=118.9 a0=1.42    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.64 sf=1.91 A=119.2 A=119.5 16 [2]
ZEISS AT LISA 809M (AT LISA 366D) A=117.5 a0=0.675    a1=0.028    a2=0.149 pACD=4.91 sf=1.15 A=118.0 A=118.0 334 [23],[205],[206],[207],[208]
ZEISS AT LISA 801 (Acri.LISA 376D) A=117.7 a0=0.82    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.06 sf=1.26 A=118.1 A=118.0 48 [231]
ZEISS CT ASPHINA 409M (Acri.Smart 46LC) A=117.7 a0=0.322    a1=0.162    a2=0.158 pACD=5.12 sf=1.36 A=118.3 A=118.5 662 [73],[212],[154],[233],[266],[326],[376]
ZEISS CT ASPHINA 509M (India) A=118.3 a0=0.61    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.78 sf=0.99 A=117.6 A=117.6 198 [342]
ZEISS CT ASPHINA 509M (Acri.Smart 36A) A=118.0 a0=0.68    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=4.90 sf=1.12 A=117.9 A=118.1 92 [111],[209]
ZEISS CT ASPHINA 404 (Acri.Lyc 44LC) A=118.0 a0=0.126    a1=0.025    a2=0.190 pACD=5.25 sf=1.49 A=118.5 A=118.7 237 [216]
ZEISS Acri.Lyc 45S A=118.2 a0=1.20    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.41 sf=1.64 A=118.7 A=119.1 158 [214],[215]
ZEISS Acri.Lyc 45LC A=118.2 a0=1.26    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.45 sf=1.70 A=118.9 A=119.3 55 [215]
ZEISS CT 47LC (Acri.Lyc 47LC) A=117.7 a0=0.308    a1=0.300    a2=0.133 pACD=4.96 sf=1.17 A=117.9 A=118.0 192 [213],[214]
ZEISS CT 47S (Acri.Lyc 47S) A=117.6 a0=0.95    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.14 sf=1.37 A=118.3 A=118.5 165 [214],[215],[229]
Zeiss AT LISA tri839 MP Korea A=118.3 a0=0.637    a1=0.331    a2=0.131 pACD=5.40 sf=1.58 A=118.5 A=118.4 366 [378],[379],[380],[381],[382],[383],[384],[385],[386],[387]
ZEISS AT TORBI 709 MP A=118.3 a0=1.13    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.37 sf=1.59 A=118.5 A=118.3 48 [372]
Zeiss AT LISA toric 909 MP A=118.3 a0=1.02    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.30 sf=1.50 A=118.4 A=118.2 43 [96],[372]
Zeiss CT LUCIA 201P/PY A=118.5 a0=1.53    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.67 sf=1.93 A=119.3 A=119.9 48 [316]
Zeiss CT LUCIA 601P/PY A=119.1 a0=1.49    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.70 sf=1.94 A=119.2 A=119.6 77 [223],[316],[375]
Zeiss CT LUCIA 611P/PY A=119.9 a0=2.10    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=6.27 sf=2.49 A=120.1 A=120.6 133 [400],[401],[402],[403]
ZEISS CT SPHERIS 209M (Acri.Smart 46S) A=117.6 a0=0.574    a1=0.166    a2=0.148 pACD=5.16 sf=1.39 A=118.3 A=118.5 873 [111],[209],[211],[404]
ZEISS AT LISA tri839 MP A=118.3 a0= -1.477    a1=0.058    a2=0.262 pACD=5.48 sf=1.72 A=118.9 A=119.0 237 [297],[404]
Zeiss AT LISA tri toric 939MP A=118.8 a0=0.96    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.28 sf=1.51 A=118.5 A=118.5 73 [374],[404]
ZEISS CT SPHERIS 204 (Acri.Lyc 44S) A=118.0 a0=0.93    a1=0.40    a2=0.10 pACD=5.16 sf=1.40 A=118.3 A=118.5 177 [16],[18],[207],[230],[404]
Constants are given without any legal responsibility !
Constants for IOLs characterized by '(Japan)'are based on results for Japanese eyes, which tend to be somewhat longer than Caucasian eyes. IOL constants will differ accordingly.

(*): A-const taken from: Mohr A, Hengerer F, Eckardt C: Retropupillare Fixation der Irisklauenlinse bei Aphakie. Ophthalmologe 2002; 99:580-583
(**): results based on predominantly myopic patients (mean axial length: 24.48 +/- 1.87 mm)
(***): results based on predominantly myopic patients (mean axial lengths: 24.85 +/- 1.39 mm
(****): results based on highly myopic patients (mean axial lengths: 29.56 +/- 1.51 mm
(*****): results based on patients with small mean anterior chamber depth: 2.78 +/- 0.35 mm
(+): Identical IOL with same constants available from other source, click for details
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Jan 2002
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